Academic Cadence

Is the pace of academic research and discovery really speeding up? Well most researchers believe it is thanks in part to collaboration efforts, the Internet and massive research funding for some of our top areas of scientific momentum. Yet I also see something else and let me call it "Conflicts in Academic Cadence" and the premise or thought goes something like this.As scientific discovery reaches the pace of a break-away rider at the Tour de France in the early miles of a 180 mile day filled with hills, one has to ask is that gentleman for real, can he sustain or will he get himself so far behind the "fatigue curve" that he is quickly reeled back in and finds himself at the back of the back the rest of the day?.What I am speaking of is the rush to move faster and faster, to receive the funding to keep going and thus more and more research is put out as scientific fact before it is duplicated and it hits the scientific journal online newsletter, both the popular public ones and the semi serious ones and goes around the world in less than 18-hours and for this they stay in the news and hope to continue funding on into the next period.Unfortunately this causes conflict and takes funding away from more staunch academic researchers who will not dare risk life or limb; academic publish or perish credibility, in the rush to outpace the public relations and media press release war? Do you see what I am getting at now? I sincerely hope you do and well, consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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