Accelerating Active Admissions

Due to the Patriot Act we now have bottlenecks, more paper work and many issues hurting many industries in the United States. The processes and scrutiny of the added regulations is causing delays in financial transactions, hiring processes and even the normal flows of transportation and distribution.If we put too many barriers to our hiring procedures for the important jobs we need in government, industry and non-profit groups we will slow all the advantages we maintain in a free society and therefore impact adversely in the free market.

We need a way to insure we can increase and accelerate active admissions for those jobs we need to fulfill quickly and with the best candidates, but if we make the admissions system and forms too difficult then we will not get the best candidates at all, rather the folks who have the patience to go thru the wasteful process?.When in fact any sensible person worth their salt would have simply quit and found a better job. So in this case we get the worst people.

Even more scary is that the International Terrorists did go thru the process and got all the necessary paperwork. Thus if we are asking Americans for their third grade report card and harassing them, then the only people who will go thru the process are no one we want in those jobs. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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