Teaching Hatha Yoga What is Normal - Do people puzzle you sometimes? When you think you have heard it all, someone comes up with a ?new spin? on an old idea.

Why Books Speak to Me - I have spent more than my share of hours wandering among stacks of books.

Ready Set September - Languid, less scheduled August has given way to September.

Links To Try Out And Be On Your Way To SelfImprovement A Great Helping Resource - The popularity of self-improvement books, tapes and seminars is a reflection of the universal interest we all have in overcoming our limitations, or "being the best we can be" or "achieving our full potential.

Success Stories Making Them Happen for You - True success stories do not happen overnight generally.

Why Do We Have Problems - I have a question that?s been nagging me for several months now: Why do we have problems? Maybe the question should be ?Why do we choose to have problems?? I have been working on this one through my ?Shifting Gears? program and think I might ha.

Step Four To An Ideal Relationship Assessing The Maturity Of Others - In a recent article entitled "Ten Steps To An Ideal Relationship" I noted that Step Four was: knowing how to assess the maturity of others.

How to be Involved With a Narcissist - I get asked this alot.

The Ultimate Reward - One's religious or spiritual beliefs and practices are very personal and unique to each individual.

Success Revisited - Have you achieved the level of success that you desire? If the success that you envision has been elusive, perhaps the answer is not your goal, but your thoughts pertaining to your goal.

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