Are You Living on Autopilot

If you find yourself doing the same routine day after day, never remembering what you did the day before, having nothing to look forward to, living your life - but never enjoying it or anything in are probably living your life and the relationships in it on autopilot.The really devastating part about living life on autopilot, especially when it comes to your relationships, is that you don't even know that you're doing it half the time. You're just living your life, wishing for more, but not really sure if there is more or how to get it.While many people live out their entire lives on autopilot (which is truly sad), the way to have truly rewarding and successful lives & relationships is to be totally aware and adaptable when it comes to life.

So, how do you do that?.1. Stop and smell the roses (literally:). Take time to notice all the little things around you that you always use to look at when you were 6!.

2. Think about your short and long-term goals. Do you still have those? And if so - have you forgotten them? Re-write that list and start working on accomplishing your next short-term goal.3.

Remember your relationship? When was the last time you did something new with him/her? When was the last time you even wanted to? Start thinking about your relationship and stop just "being in it".4. Finally, if you are on autopilot there's a reason why. Your life is out of balance. It's either too stressful, too complicated, too boring, or you have surrendered your life to the "routine".Take one day this week and really think about your life.

Your relationship. How can you shake things up? Make them interesting? How can you get back in balance and in love with your life again?.If you need help with re-balancing your life, you may want a consultation with a coach at Much success!.

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By: Lisa Angelettie

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