Beware of Older Men Lying About Their Age

When you start dating online, you might run across many types of people. Some will be open and honest about who they are and their physical appearance and others will not. You may find people who have photos that make them look skinnier, taller, curvier, shorter, younger, or older and find out they are none of these things in real life when you meet them. Of course, to give everyone an ounce of understanding, anyone who signs up with a dating service online tries to make everything about them look perfect. Many people figure that if they show the real sides of them, no one would want to date them at all. So instead, they lie and hope it goes unnoticed.

One group of people that lie a lot is older men. For some reason, once a man hits 45, he feels as if he needs to lie about his age. Although the trend is not labeled to men as much as it is to women, men do tend to lie and say they are younger.

So, when you are searching for those little white lies online, be sure to beware of older men lying about their age. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but truly trust no one until you get to know them well.


Peter Portero works for Love Semora and Shaadi Bliss.

By: Peter Portero

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