Canadian Clear Cutting of Forests and AntiDumping Tariffs

The Canadian Timber Industry was upset previously when the US set tariffs on Canadian Lumber coming into the United States. Whether you call it an anti-dumping tariff or not would not be the only issue. You see it costs a lot to replenish and replant forests, but if you sell the timber without replanting you can do that cheaper of course.Several years back I was reading in Professional Builder how they were concerned about the anti-dumping tariffs of Canadian Lumber. I understand how they fill from a cost standpoint, however let us discuss the hardships that Canadians have placed on United States trucking companies going into Canada with US goods. They have been a royal pain in the ass, while their trucks drive like crap, too fast on back roads-two lane highways, causing accidents and acting very inhospitable towards US motorists, Their trucks full of cattle (beef still on the hoof) and lumber always speed and are unsafe in their driving.

The Canadian border crossings are hostile towards Americans, while we are friendly. They took advantage of our hospitality and are somewhat demanding. When I am at a truck stop, they always try to cut in lines. They do not obey our driving laws for hours allowed to drive before sleep; they cheat the laws here and that can cause accidents but they take many back roads and two-lane highways as they are use to this in Canada and they fly down the roads like there is no tomorrow and if they hit you, well there isn't is there?.You see the problem is that they are cutting down major checkered boards of space without allowing proper re-growth, they are depriving native Indians of their land and hunting grounds.

We are having major opposition in our lumber industry, it has killed the paper mills due to the environmentalists in this country. We have companies like Potlatch growing fast growing trees in rows like orchards to appease the environmentalists for use in paper products. Shouldn't we have not only free trade but fair trade, with level playing fields. Meaning we are all using the same environmental rules and not raping the land? We have regulated our Timber Industry in the US and basically killed it and then we buy timber from Canada, which cheats the same standards we set here? Well why? If we really care about the environment and we belong to the same continent, shouldn't we be having the same standards so we do not screw over another industry here in the United States? Well, anyway consider all this in 2006.


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