Comets Fragments Asteroids and Meteors Who Can You Trust

Perhaps you have heard that the Schwassmann Wachmann Comet 73P has been breaking up and pieces of the Comet have been whizzing by since about May 12 with some lagging fragments also cruising through the area. Well one former NASA Space Trainer Eric Julien is convinced that a large fragment will hit the Earth Around May 25 near the Mid Atlantic Ridge in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.Well if this did occur and set off a chain of events such as huge seismic activity then that would certainly be problematic. Unfortunately this prediction has been embellished by Sci Fi writers, late night radio folks and new media to create chaos and controversy and sound and fury to drive ratings. NASA on the other hand is saying that this is simply not going to happen. Yet if a huge fragment were to hit the Earth and dead center on the Mid Atlantic Ridge, well who knows what might happen.

The conspiracy theorists say that the Government is trying to cover it all up and that a 600 ft Tsunami will occur. Although in reality that does not seem likely to me either, as many things have to happen to make that occur on top of the scenario of a large chunk to trigger the event. But such an event could trigger something and anything of that magnitude would not be without some form of damage to a civilization.

What a fascinating topic indeed. Perhaps you might think on all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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