Common Restaurant Mistakes You Can Avoid

There are some common mistakes restaurant owner's make that you will want to avoid. These may be issues that you just haven't given much thought to. However, they can greatly influence the bottom line for your business. The happier your customers are, the more they are going to come back. They will also want to let others know about their great experiences at your restaurant. Too many restaurant owner's focus on making the decor too elaborate.

As a result it can appear to be cluttered. Your guests will like a simpler look in most instances, and it will allow them to focus on the overall atmosphere. They will be more concerned with how comfortable their chairs are then what you have placed on the walls for them to look at. It is a nice gesture to have both tables and booths in your restaurant. Make sure customers get to choose which one they want to sit in though rather than a hostess mandating it. Some people don't fit comfortably into a booth.

You will also find some people with children prefer them as it reduces the chances of them getting down and wondering around. While you have probably trained your staff to keep things clean, make sure they wipe down all the seats and the tables thoroughly. Sometimes sticky substances remain that can't be seen as they blend in to the color of the table. The next customer isn't going to appreciate setting their hands on the table and finding the mess though. Customers will be expecting a friendly staff that can easily meet their needs. Your employees are there to represent your restaurant so make sure they are comfortable interacting with people.

Those that are too shy may come across as not enjoying what they are doing. Make sure your staff understands the reasons why they need to genuinely welcome guests to the restaurant. Your staff also needs to continually check on customers and see what they need. Asking questions such as can I bring you more napkins or would you like more to drink are very well received. It allows the customer to feel like their needs are being taken into consideration the entire time they are in your restaurant.

Having to ask for such items over and over again brings down the view customers have of your business. You will also want to take care of updating your bathrooms. Many guests will use them when they come to your restaurant so make sure they are clean and comfortable.

Extra supplies of soap, toilet paper, and paper towels need to be in there so no one is left without these essential items. They need to be kept clean too as I have gone to restaurants where the sinks are dirtier than what is likely to be on my hands. In order for people to really enjoy their experience in a restaurant, they need to be comfortable. They want to have delicious foods offered to them but that is just the tip of the iceberg for the experience. The more you take care of the little things relating to your restaurant, the more successful your business will be.

Patricia Farnham has a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry. Check out her website to some valuable veteran insights, warnings and advice on opening a restaurant.

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