Do What You Love and Succeed

If you are one of the many people who hate their day job and wonder, "what am I doing with my life?" you need to do what you truly love and turn your dreams into reality.Many people dream of doing what they love but, sadly few ever act on it. One reason many people don't act on their dreams is because of their job, which brings them a set amount of income every month. Even though they may dislike their job, the security of their income keeps them there.

When you make your dream into your own job or even a business you have the potential to actually earn more than what you earned at your job. Do what you love and the money will follow.Though, you've often heard the phrase "don't quit your day job", maybe you have said it to someone.

Maybe someone has said it to you after you told them what you'd really love to do instead of your day job.If someone has said this to you and your instincts tell you not to listen to them- don't listen to them. Listen to your heart and your instincts.It's only logical, your instincts tell you to do what you want but someone else tells you to do something they want you to do.

Sometimes people won't trust their instincts and listen to the other people because they want to be accepted. But be warned, the people you surround yourself with and those you listen to will eventually affect your mindset or ideologies. If that person is a cynic telling you it will never work you may be eventually convinced and say, "I guess they're right; it won't work." They are not affecting you, they are infecting you with their mindset.First of all, I have two things to say about "it will never work" mindsets:.

Your instincts are key to your survival skills. In the animal kingdom, survival depends on instinct. Not only are your instincts key to survival, your motivation levels are also. I'm going to use an example from the animal kingdom where fights for survival and the motivation to stay alive occur every second.

If a lion is creeping up on a gazelle, the gazelle will sense or even see the lion and run for its life. It won't just sit there and think, "Oh, why even try running away. He'll catch me anyway. Besides, I don't like running and I'm feeling kind of lazy today.

Oh well, I guess today I'm just going to get eaten." Even if the lion catches it, the gazelle will fight with all of its strength to get away or it will die trying to get away. If your instincts are telling you to do something that gives yourself meaning and purpose and it is ethical, moral and legal, do it.

The thought of "it will never work" comes from fear and obligation. These unsupportive thoughts are activated from the fear of trying to make something work. Fear is the number one reason most people never try to achieve their dreams. This fear is something that should not hold you back from pursuing things that give your life meaning and purpose. Eighty percent of success is just trying.Additionally, these fears don't even exist, and there's a very good chance that they will never exist.

Being too afraid to not try going for your dreams and missing out on what you could have done or accomplished is a very high price to pay for security. You'll never know what kind of life you could have had.You may also think you are obligated to stay at that job or think, "they need me.

" You're only obligations are to get purpose and meaning out of your life. Your employers do not own your life. In essence they do not need you, they need your time to get things done for them but remember your time is your time. Not anyone else's and it is extremely valuable and irreplaceable.Quitting your job and pursuing your goal(s) that give purpose to your life is scary and exciting at the same time. But it's even scarier and much less exciting to think of your future if you hate your job yet, still stick around that toxic environment which doesn't nurture you spirit or soul.

You must get out of that environment immediately. Be aware though, you'll need some income saved up to cover the rollacoaster of becoming your own boss.Simply put you need to know what to do and do what you know. Don't know what to do? Just do what the gazelle did, get away as fast as possible.

.Elliot Hanson is a blogger and business builder. He specializes in financial and personal success.

By: Elliot Hanson

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