Dome Shaped Hurricane Relief Center

Dome shaped Hurricane Relief Centers should be build over large box stores like Home Depot and Lowes says one online think tank member. Hurricane Season is nearly upon us and it is sure to be another big year considering the last, the Gulf water surface temps already heating up and the La Nina season, which usually precedes heavy Hurricane years.The online think tank considered this idea and concept and one member stated; "I like your idea for a number of reasons; first we know that Dome Shaped Structures work well in fluid flows whether they are extreme airflows, gas flows, water flows or any other liquid.

So the shape is correct thinking in my observation and opinions.".Additionally I do recall that Tornado Chasers often use dome shaped devices to measure tornatic cells, because the Tornado will not blow them away or pick them up, so you appear to be onto a very good idea.The online think tank creator who is a genius but cloaks under the screen name "Swink" also envisions a rotating beacon on top to alert everyone of the location, whether it is a temporary pop-up dome or a permanent fixture.

In studying you comments on LED lights, indeed very smart idea and also they use a lot less energy. Having a rotary beacon like at an airport makes sense to help people know where help is. Especially considering with the power out and no light pollution that you would be able to see it in Flat Florida for 50 miles or more. A dome shelter put up after a storm makes sense because it would still be there upon the arrival of a second or third storm while the process was still under way.A dome shape over an existing Box Store makes sense too as it does provide extra room and could also perhaps incorporate containers or tractor trailers so they do not flip over in case of another storm.

Or if the shelter was semi-permanent and/or temporary but robust we could pre-supply the area days before the storm and have all the equipment rip roaring ready to go after the winds died below Tropical Storm speeds.Since the Dome shape could go over an existing building it would protect the contents in the building for re-building in the case of a Home Depot or Lowes store and the extra space created due to its shape could house FEMA, Insurance Adjusters, social services, Red Cross, Salvation Army and ICE and Water distribution. As well as command and control afterwards.

Additionally having a taller roof antenna placement means better coverage and one a Giant Sand Bar with few hills the antennas using Line of Sight common technologies could work good and cell towers could be installed too. Also an easy up satellite link, So even if the area was totally cut off from the rest of the world the US Navy could re-supply via Helicopter along with National Guard, Coast Guard by helicopter.Thus suffice it to say I like your plan and am aware of the many advances in easy up portable blow up buildings being used now.

We use them in the auto industry and the US Military has easy up aircraft hangars and mini-arches like the St Louis arch only 1/5 scale for uses on location. Every thing you have said makes sense and is doable. Now then the only problem with this whole plan is cost.But in thinking on that I believe we could justify the costs in fact and it would be much cheaper to do it your way than the current way. Your idea has merit. Do you want to add anything to this? Or any comments on my observations or thoughts on your excellent design?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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