Emotional Aftereffects of Rape Healing is Possible

Rape engenders a multitude of feelings some more prominent than another. However, you can heal.FEAR: Usually a sexual assault survivor experiences the fear of losing her/his life. Therefore, fear is the dominate emotion.

Talk with a professional, who specializes in mind, body, spirit healing about measures you can take to feel safe; are the doors and windows locked, are emergency phone numbers easily accessible, etc during your healing process. As a result of this fear, rape survivors generally need to make changes in lifestyle, and this loss of freedom may bring up anger. Focus on personal strengths and on the present rather than on the past.

ANGER: There is often as much anger at the events following the assault, as toward the assault itself; ?needing to change lifestyle, -loss of freedom, -being told to "get over it" by friends, family or authorities. Validate your feelings of anger and create a safe place and time for expression. How can you express your anger in a constructive way? Does the expression of anger help to diffuse it?.GUILT AND SHAME: Even though a survivor may know that she/he is not responsible for the assault, the reactions of those around her/him, the media, etc., may create feelings of guilt, shame and responsibility. It is often easier to take the responsibility for blame than to accept that the rape was an experience you never anticipated.

Be supportive and nurturing of yourself. Accept other's limitations and separate the problems of others from yours.LOSS of TRUST: Often survivors loose all faith in others or males. Validate your feelings as understandable, but remind yourself, people can be trusted and counted on, etc. In any case, people need to earn your trust.

EXTREME ANXIETY--FEELING LIKE YOU ARE GOING CRAZY: The stress of the legal process, etc, loss of sleep, and feelings of lack of control, can cause a person to feel like they're going crazy. Reassure yourself that these feelings are understandable and are reactions to a crazy situation. Focus on the things that you do have control over, and narrow problems to those which can be dealt with right now.Healing is possible.

Healing emotional issues at the core addresses the all-important relationship to one's true spiritual nature. Transforming the psychological conditional patterns and unconscious beliefs that arise from our personal histories and adaptations effectively transforms our mind, body and spirit.Using a 7-Step process that is direct, focused and combines healing the past while creating the future. Thus, you transform how you feel, sense, and experience global political mass consciousness, as well as your individual consciousness, like never before. A Mind, Body, Spirit approach addresses the three critical aspects of one's being, therefore opening the door to true balance and emotional healing.

Well-being comes from the understanding of the Self, the family, the local community in which we live, and the global community of which we are a part. We are each one heart of the Whole; each heart here to express its unique piece of the Whole. Knowing Self creates a sense of "I as a piece of this Whole," different and one at the same time. With twenty-five years experience working with rape survivors in the healing process, I am convinced:.? It is the Divine Right of Every Human Being to be Emotionally and Physically Well?no matter how dire the experience.? Every Disease Can Be Healed.

? Perfect Health Is A Birthright. Everyone can Claim It!.? Every Symptom has a Root Cause and It can be Healed.

.Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, author, "If I'd Only Known.

Sexual Abuse in or Out of the Family: A Guide to Prevention, specializes in: Mind, Body, Spirit healing and Physical/Sexual Abuse Prevention and Recovery. As an inspirational leader, Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening. http://www.

By: Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

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