Financial Results of Mexican Illegal Alien Boycott Are In

The big boycott of the illegal aliens and all the legal Mexicans in the country who either support them in spirit or have family members that are not yet legal and are harboring these criminals now has results. The financial results from retailers in the United States of America are now in for the Mayday Communist Holiday boycott, rally, demonstration and protest and they have been tallied up. Well it is time for a Reality Check People; A different Perspective."On May 1st, as a result of the Mexican boycott, national retailers reported 4.2% lower sales for the day, with a 67.

8% reduction in shoplifting.".What this shows the casual observer is that the boycott shows how little these illegal aliens contribute to the over all community and it also shows that the Hispanic Community and their buying power is not as much as they hype it to be.

And these people need to stop blowing smoke up everyone's rear end about how we cannot function as a nation without illegal aliens, because it is simply BS.Come legally or do not come at all. They wanted to show us all how much they mean to our GDP and how we cannot live without them. What they really ended up proving is that it is just a lot of hot air and it is time for America to stand up and enforce the laws on our books. Oh yah and throw out of office any politician who gets in the way, consider all this in 2006.

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