Florida Hottie School Teacher Does Not Even Get Probation

Many parents especially Moms are very upset at the little cute blonde teacher who got caught screwing a 14-year old student. And if you are a mom you know why too. Although there are a lot of jokes about this issue and the young kid is now a Super Stud with his friends that does not make it okay? Do you think it is right for a teacher to do this?.

No but also in looking at the circumstances it does not make it such a big issue either and certainly not national news. This could have been dealt with locally and quickly with probation, diversion and divestiture of her teaching credentials.Kids sleep around anyway when they should abstain, we know we cannot watch them all the time; blame the parents. Also we know STDs are ramped and yes the list does go on. But we need to lighten up as nation and look at the reality of the human species too.

That is what I am saying here. There is no psychological trauma on the boy at all; so that is BS and everyone knows it.The young innocent looking teacher gal did a very dumb thing, so punish her in an appropriate way, as I stated above.

It is not national news and we need to put it into perspective. I am not condoning it; I am merely stating that this is not such a big deal. Had it been a man teacher and a girl student it could have been very traumatic and emotionally scaring. But that is not the case here.

America we have some issues in our culture we need to deal with and consider and they are not laughing matters no matter how much fun we poke at them. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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