For WomenHow To Choose A Costume

Choosing the Best Costume For Women For adults, Halloween had a tendency to be more of a challenge in costume hunting than a celebration filled with creativity and sweets. If you can get passed this minor drawback you are going to at least be on the way to acting like you are having a cheerful, carefree evening. For the most part, women are going to have a tougher time finding the right costume. For once, though, it may be with good reason--there are thousands of options available for women of all sizes, shapes, and personalities.

That being said, a lot of female costume options do fall into two categories--sexy costumes and everything else. Obviously there are the traditional Halloween costume ideas like a ghost, a black cat, a witch, etc. These are likely a front runner for the more traditional Halloween party goer.

Almost any costume idea can be changed to have a sleeker, sexier look or you can play it down a bit, and preserve your modesty. Plus size costumes are out there in nearly every style now. It's important to select a halloween costume you're comfortable and relaxed in, both mentally and physically.

It's pretty hard to pull off your look if you don't feel self-confident in your halloween costume. It seems to me that the sexy category has grown a great deal in the last few years, and that means that costumes are getting more diverse. Now it's not just a choice between sexy female cop or a French maid (though these are fabulous options). The sexy costume genre has expanded to include popular culture. Thanks in large part to movies like 'Charlie's Angels' and television shows like 'Alias', ladies are able to have a particular irresistible and powerful woman in mind on Halloween night. After all, it's, the one night a year when a customarily restrained and professional woman can get away with cutting loose a little bit in public.

On the other side of things; the not necessarily sexy department, there is also an array of choices. Television shows and movies can still be your inspiration. The so-called classic TV shows such as 'I Love Lucy' and 'I Dream of Jeanie' have great looking women characters to dress up as.

Period costumes are also a fantastic option. An intricate Renaissance era costume or even a twenties flapper dress can be grand fun.The 1950s is another great time period. Think saddle shoes and poodle skirt. Most of all, try matching your personality to your costume or vice versa.

There isn't anything that completes an outfit better than your acting. When you have picked your costume, don't forget to accessorize with feather duster, make-up, wig, jewelry, a matching handbag -- anything that's is suitable for your costume. A good wig can have on a woman's costume. With all the finishing touches in place, get going to your celebration ready to dazzle other guests. Have fun this Halloween and live a couple of fantasies. Really, that's what halloween is all about.

R. Cook is a writer for who writes about and loves to celebrate holidays. Find more about party favors, celebrations and 1950 costumes, and make your next party one to remember!

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