Getting Organized A Few Thoughts on Gadgetbased Solutions

What?.Buying an electronic gadget, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA), and thinking you are going to be organized the next day is like buying a piano and thinking you are going to be able to play the piano the next day. When a disorganized person buys a PDA, the most likely outcome is frustration. Their days are already packed with enough things to do, and now they have another complex device to learn how to use and maintain.Here's a general rule?if you are not organized before you get a PDA or any other physical tool to help you get organized, you will not suddenly become organized after you get the tool.

So What?.The true test of the value of an electronic gadget or piece of software is?is it easier to use than a pencil? PDAs are great for storing massive amounts of data when you are on the move. If I am out of town and I need my daughter's Social Security number, a friend's phone number or the address of a friend in the city I am visiting, my PDA is very handy.

However, the core of every good organizing system is a calendar. I personally find it easier to keep up with my daily appointments with a simple, paper-based calendar and a pencil.Once again, the process of getting organized begins with converting good decisions into good habits.

It has been my observation that many people who struggle with staying organized ignore this "obvious" issue. They continue looking for the "silver bullet" in the form of a physical tool or gadget that will solve their problems, and ignore the fact that they must eventually change their thinking patterns and habits if they want to have any hope of getting organized.Now What?.Identify the organizing habits you must develop before you select the other tools you will use to keep your life on track.

If you have already spent a lot of money on various gadgets that failed to keep their promises, put them aside until you develop good organizing habits. Maybe they will work for you later, maybe they won't. Keep an open mind for now.Never assume the most recent invention is the best invention (or solution).


.Chris Crouch, president and founder of DME Training and Consulting, is the developer of the GO System. The GO System is a structured training course designed to improve focus, organization and productivity in the workplace and is taught by corporate trainers and professional organizers all over the country.

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By: Chris Crouch

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