Homosexuality and Anal Leakage

Recently the topic of anal leakage came up in an online forum and debate about Gay Marriage and long-term health affects of allowing men to have sex with other men over long periods of time. One homosexual male defending anal sex stated that although many men in the past have suffered form later life anal leakage and needed to literally wear diapers that this was no longer the case.In fact the homosexual gay rights activist for marriages of two-men stated that; "As for the anal leakage, there are exercises you can do with your sphincter to keep it tight, for both you and your partners pleasure. They are similar to kagle exercises women do with their vagina's to keep the muscles exercised and tight, for both them and their partner.".Of course many in the online debate simply said, that's nice and oh thanks so much for sharing.

Indeed it is extremely hard to contemplate that men loving other men could be made to be acceptable in this day and age, nevertheless the gay men activists are trying to convince our population that this is indeed very natural.The gay male activist continues to state; "You also get a very pleasurable massage of the prostrate gland kind of a male g-spot if you will. Anal sex is not just limited to gay men either.

There is a very popular video and book series called "Bend over Boyfriend" written by and for straight couples who wish to enjoy this as well.".Thanks again for sharing this important video educational tool. It seems that these gay men do not see what they are doing as sick or gross or anything but sexual preference and they believe all this knowledge should be known by all.Our openly gay activist then; "Then of course, one of the most popular straight porn serials are the adventures of Buttman. He even had a cable series about his empire that his mother helps him run, which caters to straight men and women who enjoy anal sex.

".Well I guess our gay activist is really into this then, would you say he is now an expert on the subject? And is this really something that you feel to be appropriate to discuss with your family? Do you want this taught in schools? What do you think of a grown man suggesting such things to younger adolescent men, in order to "turn them" or recruit them? As for gay male marriages; well don't consider any of this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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