How To Prepare When Meeting HisHer Parents

Yes, meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend's parents is like studying for a final exam. Preparedness is the key.Wrinkle in time.Don't be late. Don't be late. Don't be late.

Punctuality is always a brownie-point. Besides, running behind means they have a few more minutes to prejudge you amongst themselves.Know your audience.How horrifying would it be to receive the "glare of death" on the very first meeting with the parents? Surely, you will not have everything in common with these folks, but try not to insult them during your first shot of acceptance.

Are they conservative or open-minded? Are they uppity or very down to earth?.Ask your partner. He knows them best, after all.Keep the conversation general, or leave it to them to bring up a biased subject. Even if you are a person with very strong opinions and persuasions, a first meeting with "them" is certainly not the place or time.

Smooth talker.Rehearse in your mind how you will answer the questions they will ask. Although you don't want to lie or embellish, re-wording some things won't hurt. For instance, they will surely ask you how you met their son/daughter.

However, if you caught his eye from atop the bar while doing a seductive dance after one to many, this might not be a winning answer. Instead: "I was having dinner out to celebrate my friend's birthday and just had to introduce myself.".

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By: Peter Portero

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