Illegal Alien Protestors are Using Human Groups to Unite Against America

Do you ever wonder how so many illegal aliens can come together in Flash Mobs to protest in our streets? Well much of it is the Spanish Radio Stations in the larger cities and the news media, however much of it is also word-of-mouth unity grass roots marketing.This topic came up in a recent online think tank and one guest member stated; "They use the grassroots empowerment procedure. They teach someone from the very same group they get together to become a leader on call, then they go another group and do the same and so on and so on so before you know it they can converge with thousands of people.

Pretty good don't you think?".I understand the compounding affects of grassroots, phone trees, smart mobs, flash mobs, MLM, synergy of movements and study all this, even use similar principles in organization as well for various things I have done in the past. Franchising works similarly to this principle and this is why I too study what you are talking about and tend to agree.

In fact as I watch "friends and family" programs, "Buzz" marketing in Japan, Hollywood and Corporations and study Guerilla Warfare, International Terrorism and fringe movements into acceptance, I see and understand your honest evaluation of developing strength in numbers.Not all illegal alien groups work exactly like this but many do and with a few telephones and the help of the media they can produce large groups of protestor crowds within short periods and we can expect in the future to see more of these types of demonstrations. Perhaps we might all consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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