Innocent Americans

One can and some do point to America as the closest thing to democracy on Earth. In the sense the sleepwalkers are in the majority and have created the lives we live and the way we do business, the democratic impression is accurate. In this sense and perhaps only in this sense, a dispassionate, uncaring leadership perfectly reflect the people who hire them and we have government of, by, and for the people. The fact that such government concentrates wealth and power in ever fewer hands is no accident.In fact, those among us who insist upon the accidental theory of History ? stuff just happens, are readily identified as the sleepwalkers who have made this stuff happen or helped it happen.

Not unlike the German people of the nineteen thirties who were certain a charismatic leader would return a crushed and broken nation to global glory. Now sleepwalkers know that is all in the past as they live their lives on the road of historical repetition.Among those who believe in reincarnation, it is understood when one does not learn from their mistakes in this life, they will make them again in the next.

As those conscious among us watch History repeating, the idea of reincarnation gains great credibility. A great nation is nearly ruined in a great war. The nation recovers and increases in greatness. The error appears to be a mere glitch in a process of growth and greatness.

A contributor to greatness. When the next war comes, it is welcomed as yet another opportunity for growth and another generation goes off to war in the name of freedom and democracy. No lessons learned, History repeats and the sleepwalkers are sure this stuff just happens. There is no rhyme or reason and certainly no responsibility, for who can hold a sleeping person responsible for anything? Because the conscious became so due to a personal awakening, they also understand the process cannot be forced. The sleeper chooses to awaken or is forced by personal circumstance to do so; as on a miserable train ride to a death camp.

Sleepwalkers are natural victims and play that role in varied degree. The victimizers, usually victims in their own right and youth, sense them, know them, are truly one with them. They can pick them out of a crowd for easy victimizing. And then we say we have a crime problem ? but no one knows where it comes from. We must circle the wagons and spare the victims as we lock away the victimizers until they are no more among us.

The victim denies it takes two to tango. The victim asks rhetorical questions. Why does this always happen to me? If you should answer the question for them ? what do you know anyway?.Homeland Security was created as a reaction to the suffering of sleepwalking victims and to assure them and all observers of future protection against victimization. Who pays for all this grand protection that will reduce the numbers of future victims? We all pay.

It is only democratic to support the weak, the ignorant, the sleepwalkers. Not only support them but politically empower them. After all, most were born in America and empowerment is their birthright.

By virtue of birthplace we deserve more and better than anyone beyond our borders. Privileges become rights. Rights become privileges and to some majority it makes no difference because stuff just happens.If ignorance fails in Germany or Africa, in America it has become a smashing success because America is special - just because it is. Not only do the ignorant rule, they concentrate ignorance in national and state governments to protect victims from themselves.

Ignorant leaders borrow trillions of dollars to meet their security obligations and sleepwalkers guarantee their futures. It is a wonderful, unsustainable racket. Because sleepwalkers are not surprisingly unwilling to help and depend upon one another for their security, they create a third party for that purpose and pay two or three times the fair market value for personal security. Security that often fails to materialize at all ? because stuff happens. Money gets stolen and wasted. People are not perfect so stuff happens.

The only thing that ever really matters is: it is not anybody's fault and there is no need to investigate any problem that just happens. If we have problems, time and time alone will solve them. Solutions you see, also just happen. I don't make anything happen. You don't make anything happen. Only the passage of time makes things happen.

Relax, vote, pay taxes and watch time solve every problem.

.Ed Howes sought and found, knocked and entered. Now he sees things differently. To see more of what he sees, please visit http://www. or do an author search here at Ezine Articles.

By: Ed Howes

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