Introduction to Yourself

I often hear people say that they want to be happy, successful etc. I offer them some tips and advice but, it surprisingly does not work while; others write to me grateful for helping them become inspire or turning their life around. So, what is the difference between the successful and unsuccessful individuals?.The individuals that become successful either know themselves or take time to get to analyze their individuality. In the other hand, the unsuccessful ones do not take the time to get to know their likes and dislikes. No, I am not referring to your favorite dessert or color.

I am referring to digging deep inside of "you" and learning what are your true talents and flaws as well.What does taking time to know myself have to do with acquiring success? It has to do with everything. How can you find the job or occupation of your dreams, if you do not know what you love to do? The same theory applies to your flaws. How would you be able to identify specific areas where you need improvement, if you do not know yourself? An example of this would be a student wanting to become smarter at math with not practice.

The problem is not that they can no master the areas where they are weak in but it does take some type of reflection and effort from your part. In order to discover the best way that you can understand or learn math.So, how can I get to know myself? Spend time by yourself, reflect, ask yourself questions, and write them down if possible. Remember, the things that you did as a young child. Which did you enjoy and disliked the most? Also, what abilities can you do exceptionally well without that much effort? Also ask a trusted person what qualities they like and dislike about you.

It is like a research project on "you." There is no specific timeline to get to know yourself and do not be surprise if it takes you a little longer than you expect it. However, keep in mind that time spent getting to know your soul is well worth it. I often see people excited while embarking on a new journey then, they simply give up real easily.

Why? Because they are usually trying to do things that either imitates or would impress others. That is never the route to living a happy life? Instead they end up getting bore quickly and if they stick to their initial decision they feel unfulfilled.So, what are you waiting for? Get to know yourself better today and become successful at the same time.


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By: Kenia Morales

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