Iran Was Just Kidding When It Promised To Blow Israel Off The Map

Did you know that currently the Iranian leadership has started a psyche war on the Internet in order to buy more time to negotiation with the United Nations Security Council about its uranium enrichment program to build nuclear weapons? You see, the Iranian leadership sponsors international terrorist groups and they have promised; to blow Israel off the map.Now, the Iranian leadership has hired Internet bloggers to go onto political Internet forums and gather support of liberals in the Western world and hoping to prevent the strike from the United States military on their underground nuclear weapons manufacturing research facilities. Their theory is that if they can divide the American people and the political structure, that there is no way to the United States leadership will take action to prevent this. In fact below is just one post from an anti-American psyche war contributor;.

"About Israel Iranian government say that 25 years ago when they came to power it is only politician talk, haven't you ever toll someone do that or I kill you but really you don't have that intention it is a slang so don't take everything literally".It does not matter, the current Iranian President said it and that was not more than a month ago and he has said it many more times than only once and our United States leadership understands these threats to be real and we are using these sound bytes and he can eat his words. It does not matter. No more games, no more threats, no more quarters, no more lies, no more making nukes, no more sponsoring international terrorists.

No way. Forget it. No negotiation, no more screwing around. It is time. Forget this crap, political rhetoric, inciting people to sign up as suicide bombers.

You know what, forget it, no more games. We take action. We stand tall and we win. That is all.

You see, the Iranian leadership's psyche war campaigns are not winning the hearts and minds of the American people and their starting to really piss off some diehard Americans. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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