Lance Rants on Iranian Nuclear Crisis and Showdown

Well it seems many people will not discuss the serious nature of or a Nation State, which sponsors International Terrorism making nuclear weapons. Which we all know will end up being used on civilian populations, so the United States must not sit around, but rather take bold action to stop this potential eventuality. So therefore I propose that;.We must take out 2/3 of all the Iranian Army, delete all military assets, prevent nuclear weapons manufacturing by Iranians, using force due to obvious political impasse and remove the current regime. The sooner the safer for the Free World.

Now many scholars and weak minded liberals and socialists from around the world think this is just crazy and state such things as;."How do you reconcile your comments made about dropping nuclear weapons on Iran to as you put destroy 2/3 of their army?".The Nuclear weapons are to be bunker busters for underground penetration. Additionally other nukes are by far more humane, as they are instantaneous.

Iran's demographic has a problem with its young males, too many of them and many under-educated and religiously fanatic. They know it too; it is a threat to their leadership, which also must be removed."Does it not concern you that thousands of civilians men women and children would be amongst the dead.

".We have precision munitions. And perhaps you might ask the Iranian leadership why they think it is wise to bluff their way into a war for the same reason. The blood is on their hands not anyone else's. They are the one's insisting on sponsoring International Terrorist Organizations, building nuclear weapons to give to terrorist organizations, promising to blow their neighbors off the map and sending insurgents into Iran to kill US and Coalition troops not anyone else.

Dear Sir there is nothing more fraudulent than a man living a lie in a Utopian Dream when injustice goes on all around them and they deny its existence. This is happening now as you blindly support radical fundamentalist regimes sponsoring international terrorism and building nuclear weapons to further that cause. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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