Loving Yourself Mental Efficiency In The Workplace

Love is called many things; ardor, affection, admiration, esteem, and passion to name a few. Words can be confusing. I ask then: What is love all about? What does it really mean in the context of daily living?.

How many of you out there are looking for that one special love? Have you tried loving yourself first? You deserve to be loved because you are a unique and special person.There are different kinds of love as indicated by the words in the first paragraph. Each one of those kinds of love has many levels and can take many directions.In keeping it simple, I believe loving myself is accepting the present and allowing myself to move on. Embrace the four words in the first paragraph and bestow them upon yourself. They make for a positive attitude that energize rather than paralyze.

As a child, I remember having to do worksheets in school that asked, "what's wrong with this picture?" A good portion of our lives has dwelled on the "what's wrong" part rather than the "what's right" part. We can do ten excellent things and the one thing that is not so hot is the one we dwell upon. Accept the present moment and move on.

Love can be a relationship between you and someone else, but the most important relationship is the love between you and yourself. It is good to remember that you are the common thread in finding that special love. If you don't love yourself, then how can you expect someone else to love you?.

Finding that special love starts with you and works from the inside out. That, in turn, attracts others with the same positive attitude. It becomes a positive wheel that moves forward.

As the wheel picks up speed, the organization increases it's creativity and productivity.Have you ever noticed that people who are positive always seem to have tons of energy? These same people are always a picture of health, as they be-bop from work project to work project making every thing seem almost effortless. It's a simple thing to do, but it isn't easy. It takes a conscious effort.Remember, what you think and say becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. By making a conscious decision to look at the positive side of a situation, you have already won the battle of positive vs.

negative.Be your own best friend, allowing yourself to move on as you are now, without self-criticism. You'll be surprised at how creative and productive you can be. Your physical health will improve, and you'll become more mentally efficient in everything you do.

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Pamela Beers is a freelance writer, educator, and horse trainer. The article above is a speech that was presented on TV Channel 8, The Early Morning Rochester Show, in Rochester, New York on February 8, 2006.Article Source:


By: Pamela Beers

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