More Flooding in North East Hurricane Season Starts Too

Each Hurricane Season remnants of Hurricanes make their way into the North East and cause severe flooding and yet the Northeast has been seeing flooding all Winter long and now even in spring they will start out with a soaked ground cover before the first big Hurricane hits.These storms are unfortunate considering that Hurricane remnants will indeed be on their way shortly but with the ground saturated and storms dropping 5 inches in one day the area is definitely going to see some more hardship, from as low as Pennsylvania all the way up through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.Boston is already having issues, but they are about to be pounded too and many weather researchers are calling for an early Hurricane Season, which means any day now we will be tracking heavy storms crossing the Atlantic from Africa into the Caribbean and then upward into the United States and there is plenty of warm water waiting for these storms in the Gulf and along the Atlantic Seaboard.This will be just a continuation for the North East and their extreme weather, meanwhile FEMA awaits the inevitable, another hostile Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season, which will be hard to forget, as if last year was not enough to remember already. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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