Muslims and Christians What on Earth is Your Problem

Hey is it just me or do you see another conflict coming of biblical proportions as Iran promises to build its nuclear weapons and atomic bombs and then blow Israel off the map? Didn't I read about such an event taking place in the Middle East somewhere?.Indeed and maybe you did too, but why is mankind turning prophesy into reality in some divine mission to destroy our world in some insidious way? And Iran would do this in the name of who? Allah? That seems rather silly and yet we would stop him in the name of Jesus Christ. Why not let Allah and Jesus talk this over themselves and when they decide what to do one of them can come visit me?.Until then why don't we dump this insanity and forget about the Armageddon and end of days and World War III and simply stop this escalation to a large-scale nuclear holocaust in the name of religion? What on Earth is the problem here? Who needs all these lunatics miss interpreting religious literature and molding future history to fit their insane interpretation of it all?.Why not all the normal people decide here and now to remove religion from our human civilization and dismiss all these notions of war in the name of gods? Why not tell all these psychotic nut cases that quite frankly we have had enough of your crap and let them know it is no longer acceptable in the present period, period. Consider this in 2006.

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