Online Dating Safety Tips

There's thrill, excitement, and nervousness when meeting for the first time someone you met over the Net. But you must exercise caution when meeting someone you barely know.Below are some tips to guide you safely when dating.

1. Make arrangements to meet at a specific location, but do not let the person pick you up from your house.2. You should meet in places where there are many people so you can ask for help if your date gives you trouble. Public places such as malls or daytime parks are good places to begin with. If it is possible, you could go double or group date.

3. When you are eating in a restaurant or café, go Dutch. Pay half of the bill. In that way, you won't feel under any obligation to continue the relationship if you don't like the person.4.

If possible, avoid drinking alcohol while on a date. Alcohol could affect your judgment and lessen inhibitions. If you are drinking, keep the drink in sight all the time. Do not get too drunk. You might not know or remember what happened later on.5.

If you have a car, use it. Make sure the gas tank is full.6.

Assuming that your date is safe just because they claim to be religious is wrong. For all you know, they could have a hidden, more unfavourable side.7. Do not let any first-time date know where your house is. Only assess after the second date if you should let them know where you live.

8. At night, avoid going to secluded, dark areas like parks or dimly lit places.9. Listen to what your gut says.

If there is something that does not feel right, then most likely, it is not. Leave immediately if you feel something isn't quite right.10. Tell someone whom you are with and where you will be going. You might also want to arrange a time schedule where someone could call you later and check up on you. You could also plan to meet some friends after the date.

11. Do not give your home contact number. If you really have to give contact information, give your mobile phone number.12. Stay alert. Having fun the whole time does not mean you should let your guard down.

Be sure you have a cell phone with you.

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By: Maria Sundar

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