Politically Correct Terms Go In and Out of Style

Have you ever noticed when dealing with minority groups or human groupings or various categories that the names people wish to be called keep changing. Obviously some one who is a moron does not wish to be called a blithering idiot. And mentally challenged sound rather bizarre so what do you call them? Beats me. But what if someone is handicapped, then they wish to be called physically challenged, but beware as soon as you get use to that they will want to be called something else.Then there is the other group in society, which often feels outcaste. What do you call a gay person, transvestite or lesbian? Which one do you call a queer, or are you politically correctly allowed to use that word? Well I do not ever use the word Queer, so I am not sure its exact definition? It brings to me images of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" or an extremely eccentric Homosexual like let's say Elton John, Sigfried and Roy or Liberachi?.

Fact is it is okay to call some one a queer who fits a certain category, such as a transsexual, they are fine with being called a queer, but they do not wish to be called a gay or a mere homosexual you see? So, if you did not know the answer to that one, you failed the test. Now then are you sure you will know a queer when you see one if you are out at a bar and had a few drinks? Ah, that is the question one may really wish to know in all this isn't it? Consider all this in 2006.


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