Put Your Relationship to the Test

Any relationship between two people changes as a couple's feelings for each other develop over a period of time, and as these feelings change with life's ups and downs. Three factors in each relationship are you, the person you are relating with and the many-sided nature of the relationship. Let's see what methods there are to test the relationship and give us insights into how we might progress.

Type into your Google Search box "relationship quiz" or "relationship test" and answer some of the tests that seem most useful and relevant to you. Get your partner to do the same, and check the answers you each put down. Comparing your answers will allow you both some insights into areas of your relationship where you may have encountered problems in the past.Completing the tests will probably raise significant questions in your mind.

A question for instance may ask if you are satisfied with the attention from your mate: are you still satisfied with your answer or it there more to think about? Discussing the questions and answers with each other will show you where your views and expectations are similar, or may enable you to find out where you are different.It is important that you carry out this exercise in an atmosphere of goodwill and caring for each other as you will learn much about your relationship and how your partner regards you.A relationship test enables us to share our preferences, aspects of each other we wouldn't normally be so open about. When we answer these quiz questions we should be able to discuss our feelings more objectively, without sounding critical of each other.Relationship tests offer an opportunity to strengthen our relationship, and to develop positive feelings and better habits.

Mike Rose.Relationship Magic.

.Mike Rose is a retired architect, an ex-pat Londoner currently based in New Zealand: he shares his special interest in relationships in a series of articles and forums online.

By: Michael Rose

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