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If Consciousness is all of one 'thing,' which isn't a thing, then it is the indivisible context for 'everything' that manifests in this dream we refer to as "reality." There is no duality, only Consciousness which includes the fiction duality exists. If this is true, then Consciousness is the warehouse for the manifestation called "Science," and its imaginary counterpart called "Spirituality." In the name of resistance, one is treated as fact, or something that exists outside of Consciousness, and the other is treated as fiction, the annoying rebuttal to the fiction called "Science." Would the real set of facts please step forward.

If Consciousness is the context for 'everything,' then Science and metaphysics are two ways to look at truth. They are not disparate, unrelated entities, each vying for center-stage recognition. They are not antithetical, oppositional, antagonistic polarities.

When you move in on the interior of truth, what comes into focus is that the dream features both as content in the dream, and that they both share that same reality. The question of which came first Science or Metaphysics, in the absence of duality, is absurd.What came first is Mind, the ultimate subject of 'everything,' that spawns dreamers who know Mind is what 'everything' is, and 'Science' that spawns dreamers who work hard to defend 'The Master Lie, " that 'this' is real and not content in a dream. Mind is the author of the hoax called "duality," including the cast of characters who represent this fiction. In keeping with the dualistic parody, metaphysics is closer to the truth Mind is all there is, and manifests as its own opposition called "Science.

".Poor Science is saddled with the impossible task of trying to defend "The Master Lie," as if nothing is Mind-generated. Quantum takes us one step closer to the truth nothing is what it appears to be because nothing is what it appears to be. If "reality" is what Mind is dreaming, then the 'Scientists' have a date with the fact they are 'Metaphysicians' posing as people, and sometimes, very high-minded people at that. What's on the line, as usual, is the truth there is no duality, which, unfortunately, threatens to reveal that Mind is the context for everything, including the fiction called "Science.

".The Recovery Process - provides reminders to expand consciousness. This process assists you to shift from who you aren't, often someone who suffers, to who you are; a spiritual being ---free at last to enjoy the agenda- free life.Article Service by DET-Online.From The Recovery Process www.

.Greg Tucker is a Clinical Psychologist who gave it all up to switch to a very different way of working with clients.

He calls what he does "The Recovery Process." He got his Masters Degree in Child Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Case-Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

By: Dr. Gregory Tucker

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