Quiz Do You Pamper Yourself Or Beat Yourself If You Make A Mistake

What do you do with yourself if you make a mistake? Quiz yourself and find out. You may be even knowing the answer if you are on either extreme. But most of us do not know the answer because we are unaware of our subtle behavior. All right, let me ask you. Suppose you are doing house cleaning and you drop a costly vase
costing thousands of dollars? What would you do with yourself? Beat yourself mentally for being a fool, or say -everybody makes a mistake.

What is done cannot be undone. I will take care next time. Let me not beat myself about this. Let me give my mind some peace now? Your reaction to some situations decides your personality and your success. Let me tell you how.

Let us quiz first about your attitude.

Quiz your self-esteem - what kind of self-esteem do you have? Do you consider yourself as just an average or somebody destined to do big? Do you value yourself or degrade? Do you focus on your strengths or the weaknesses? Your self-esteem decided s your behavior at critical times. If you have high self-esteem, criticism will not be able to hurt you much; otherwise any body that decides to criticize you will make your life hell. Please quiz yourself about your self-esteem and raise it as much as you can.

Quiz your self-love - do you love yourself or not? Suppose you love a person very dearly and he/she makes a mistake.

You will not only forgive that person but also pamper to remove the hurt. Do you do that with yourself? Or do you beat yourself whenever you make mistakes? Self-love is a very important quality. I am not talking about obsession, but healthy self-love. Quiz yourself about your self-love. Next time, when you make a blunder, pause and watch your immediate feelings.

Are they of pampering or beating? Please pamper yourself. If you do not pamper yourself, why would the world do?.

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By: CD Mohatta

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