Relationship Quiz Are You Angry At Your Partner

Anger is the natural reaction of helplessness and frustration. When we feel that we are being forced to suffer, we get either angry or feel very helpless. When we feel victimized, we get angry with our abuser. What about your relationship? Are you getting angry with your partner for any reason? Can we quiz on that?.Anger with partner can be for various reasons.

Your partner has overspent and it has turned your budget haywire. You now feel helpless about how to manage the finances. Your natural reaction is anger at your partner. Why did she/he do this?.Both of you have decided to keep something private and not tell anyone. You find out that your partner has spoken about that with his/her friend.

You get angry. This way we keep getting angry with our partner and our partner gets angry at us at different intervals. The danger is somewhere else.

Quiz anger and its danger- when the anger becomes a permanent feature of relationship, it eats away the love. The focus turns from sharing love to anger. You will begin looking at your partner as someone who is always troubling you for some or other reason. Everyday you will wait for something new to happen and feel quite helpless, because despite all your anger your partner is not changing.

This becomes a game- I make mistake and you feel angry. Such games are very corrosive for the health of the relationship. You should sit with your partner and try and explain what all he/she is doing. After that if you find no improvement, the alternative for you is either to break-up or suffer.

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By: CD Mohatta

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