Sex in Advertising and Sexy Images for Brain Memory Impressions

Sex sells and we all know this is true. You can go to any trade show and watch people line up at the booths with good looking people at them; Male or female it works both directions. Now some marketing consultants, marketing authors and speakers say that; Sex only sells for Pornography, Erotic or Sexual services or products. They are totally 100% wrong and there is ample empirical data, research and studies, which prove it.Any marketing consultant who makes such a blanket statement about sex in advertising is a fraud and obviously has not studied the human brain or how memory impressions form and probably has no idea what an fMRI brain scanning device is or even how the human brain or the innate characteristics of the species works.

Now some of these marketing self-proclaimed experts tell us the using Sex to sell is a lazy way to attention of your future customers? Well that maybe true indeed, but saying that it does not sell products or enhance the impact or make an impression in the human brain is simply not so. In fact anyone who says that clearly does not know what she, he or it is talking about.Sex sells in advertising because it stops the brain for a second and makes an impression and fuses neuron connections. That is indeed trickery when used in advertising, but it does work and it is proven in many studies done on advertising.

So, be careful what you read when some consultant tells you what does and does not work? Perhaps they are living in guilt and are a Devout Catholic, but nevertheless, let the truth be know; there is a secret to the "da Advertising Code" and I hope you will consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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