Some Ideas to Help Your Success

Why Success?
You have to understand why you want success and what its benefits will be for you and others around you. Remember success is relative - what one person considers as being a resounding success another believes it to be an absolute failure! So what is needed before any success can happen?.Goals/Plans
Everyone has different goals. Before success is achieved one must have a specific occurrence which they label as "success" ? come what may they are aiming towards that one BIG goal.

These big goals must be broken down and a plan devised which divides the goal into small manageable steps (this is divided further into a daily to-do list). This gives a sense of achievement as one works towards their ultimate goal, which may be ages away from being accomplished.Let's illustrate this using an example ? a child/baby ultimately you want your child to walk up the stairs in a flash (without needing an ambulance).

Each step on those stairs is a step closer to achieving the bigger goal! When the child stumbled at the first step you don't see the parents say "come on kid - that was crap - why are you not at the top of those stairs already?"."It's not a tragedy not to achieve a goal it's a tragedy not to have that goal to achieve in the first place" ? Unknown.Similarly don't beat yourself up if you haven't achieved your big goal or you can't see it happening right now ? at least you have a goal ? you aren't aimless. You simply need to learn to train your mind to praise yourself for every little step taken towards your goal.

By doing so you are planting the seeds of success.Belief
You need to have the belief that you deserve to have what you are going for! Whether that is monetary or otherwise ? you deserve it. You also have to believe in yourself ? with a bit of time and learning from the right sources you can do absolutely anything! You may not be an expert but you can do it! If you wish to become an expert then repeat the learning and go forward."Repetition is the Mother of Mastery" ? Unknown.Action
Once the goals and the reason for the goals have been set (you've got to want it) you proceed onto carrying out your plan of action.

Plans don't always go as intended what should one do if this occurs? Curl up into a ball and hope it goes away? NO! One needs to ask the question "What do I need to do to make this right" or "What do I need to do to make sure that doesn't happen again". You are watering the seeds of success by instilling this notion ? "If it's right or wrong it's my fault ? what have I got to do?"."Every Man is the Architect of His own life. He builds it - just the way he wants it.

However, after he has built what he wants, he sometimes decides he doesn't like what he has built and looks for someone or something to blame instead of changing himself" ? Unknown.Rewards
These are very important ? its like have the World Cup 2006 (soccer tournament) with each and every match being played without anywhere for the players to score! What a game ? what's the point? A suggested method of rewarding yourself is to have two rewards ? a major reward if the sub-goal is achieved before the target date and a lesser reward if its late (it has still been achieved so it must be rewarded). This is harvesting the seeds of success that you planted and watered earlier.Re-evaluate Goals
You may have achieved your goal ? what now? Most will have a new set of goals to put into action, this planting the seeds of further success.Keep Learning
There are many resources you could use to keep yourself on the right patch, you can read articles like this one or buy books, listen to seminars or even get yourself a mentor.

How you go about it is up to you. Remember as long as you keep learning you will keep achieving (at minimum you've learnt something new = achievement). This will go some of the way to achieving your inner peace (your mind, soul or spirit is in a state of tranquillity). This is watering the seeds of further success?.Kaval Patel.

.Kaval Patel is a Training & Compliance Coordinator, new to Internet Marketing and also actively trades the Financial Markets.The secrets to achieving Inner Peace can be learnt by you at http://www.innerpeacesecrets4u.


By: Kaval B Patel

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