Taking Care of Yourself

"There is a connection between self-nurturing and self-respect" ~ Julia Cameron.This quote is excellent and reminds me of several conversations I've had with women, both as a professional and as a friend. For example, Sally (not her real name) and I spoke recently about our ideas on beauty ? specifically our own views of our individual beauty. We came to the conclusion that it's an inside job and outside influences (i.

e., the media) can be detrimental.In my mind, taking care of self (being self-ish ~ what a concept!) or self-nurturing is an essential ingredient to self respect and our own inner and outer beauty.

I've heard the phrase "you inner world is reflected in your outer world" (or something similar) used, usually in connection to ones life and success?however, that same principal would apply to our inner and outer beauty, our peace of mind, and how successful we are in achieving the aging experience we choose to have.It's so easy sometimes to talk about these things, and difficult to implement them on a regular basis, and not let them fall by the way side. As women, mothers, nurses, teachers, spouses, and a plethora of other professional care-giving titles?we've learned to be great caretakers?of others! Learning to care of self is an ongoing experience.

It starts today and continues throughout our lives.Get started with these great questions:.

How do you take care of yourself? Do you give yourself permission to be "self-ish"? Did you find that you needed the permission of others to care for yourself? Do you find it hard to nurture yourself? What would make it easier? Do you have a daily ritual that is self nurturing?
.Consider this. While there is nothing wrong with being the care-givers we are, we are like the watering can.

It and we eventually run out of water (nurturing) if not refilled on a regular basis. Isn't it time you filled up the can?.

.As an expert on healthy and successful aging for women, Barbara C.

Phillips, NP is the founder of and http://www.HealthyAgingForWomen.

com . You are invited to visit OlderWiserWomen and receive your free copy of "Celebrating You: 50 Tips for Vibrant Living" when you sign up for our free membership.

By: Barbara C. Phillips

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