The Art Of Flirting

Rule Number One: Just because you're good at batting your eyelashes, DOES NOT make you a good flirt. Flirting really is an art. It requires a carefree heart and a whole lot of practicing because not everybody is a natural flirt.

Oh and Rule Number Two: You may think you're a natural flirt but truth is, you don't have a clue. So practice!.Flattery works but only if you really mean what you say so be sincere. Make eyes contact and look them in the eyes when you talk to a person, not one of those overly sexual or inviting stares though. Do a double take by doing that you're saying something caught your attention and this person will want to know what you see.

And it's ten times more flattering than any nice words.Pay attention to the person, ask questions about them so they know you're interested. Once you're hitting it off with the person fabulously you might want to turn your attention somewhere else.

Just to keep them wanting more but don't be a tease. Also keep it cool, don't cling or monopolize one person all night long. Wait for them to indicate their desire to continue to be with you.

Last, be a good flirt. Flirting with everyone or looking bored could make it seem like you're just killing time. A flirt needs to be playful but you don't want to come across as a player.


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By: Oh Srichaphan

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