The Lazy Mans Way To Create Hundreds Of Profitable And LifeImproving Ideas

Recently, I discovered what I call "The Idea Factory." It's the most powerful self-improvement technique I've found this year. It is a system used by a millionaire CEO with his sales force.

All the Idea Factory required was a yellow, legal-sized notepad and a pen. I've modified the technique a bit and made it even more powerful.I put the Idea Factory to work right away and immediately benefited from it.

It has systematically improved almost every major area in my life, in less than a month.First, I'll show you why this daily notebook works so well and how it has improved my life. Then I'll show you how to use it.The best thing is that it's so easy to do and it automatically puts your subconscious mind to work for you to solve any problem you have.While you're busy working, exercising or going about your day, your subconscious mind is creating solutions.

You'll improve your relationships, finances, health, fitness or any other area of your life.I've been using the Idea Factory (IF) just three weeks; It has produced over three dozen ideas that have improved my life faster than anything else I've EVER tried.It's as if I hired a fulltime success coach but it didn't cost me a dime.

The Idea Factory however is even more powerful than just an idea-generating machine.It's a way to organize information so you can easily find it. You can keep track of the names of clients, flight schedules, instructions on how to install something, telephone numbers, websites, a to do list, insurance policy numbers, confirmation codes and just about anything you can record on a piece of paper.Anyone can benefit from using The Idea Factory, including students, workers, sales people, mothers, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc.Remember how you used to jot down thoughts, telephone numbers etc. on little bits of paper? Remember how you could never find that one piece of paper with the phone number you needed? Now you'll have a centralized system for capturing, organizing and finding your ideas.

Once your ideas are out of your head, you can effortlessly improve them. That is the magic of writing and editing. By writing your ideas down, you can fully develop them and make them practical and useable.My Improvements With: The Idea Factory.* Tripled my output of profitable ideas.

* Unleashed higher levels of self-discipline without willpower.* Saved an hour a month by creating an optimized to do list system.* Energized my spiritual energy flow and prosperity because of a two-minute, daily discipline concept I created.* Increased my website's traffic by publishing articles to over 100 websites, all over the Internet.

(I've known about this idea for years, but never acted upon it because it took too much time. But I came up with two ideas that dropped this from 20 hours to 1 hour per week.) Are you starting to see how powerful, well-developed ideas can be?.* I have a list of seven articles ideas to publish in the near future. Normally I'm struggling to come up with one good article idea per week.

* Don't interrupt and don't forget: Now I jot down ideas in my notebook while the other person is speaking on the telephone. This way I don't interrupt them but I'll remember what I wanted to say.* I never lose my ideas because they are all organized in one notebook. In the past, my ideas were on sticky pads, in my daily planner and elsewhere and I often couldn't find information when I needed it.* I even came up with a great idea to improve The Idea Factory, now I just number all the pages in my spiral bound notebook. On my to do list, (which is also in the notebook) I link the page number to the 'to do item' and I can quickly find my ideas.

* Created a system to build bigger muscles in the same amount of time in my workouts.* Found a great way to exercise doing regular daily activities.* Discovered a two minute technique that defeats procrastination every time.How To Do The Idea Factory:.1.

Get a 10.5 by 8 inch spiral notebook (sorry not the metric system). Take this notebook with you wherever you go.2. Write in today's date and then your daily to do list.

(I use a separate planner called plannerpad for my daily to do list.).3. IMPORTANT: Any time you get an idea, immediately record it in your notebook. The more ideas you write down, the more ideas you'll get. It's that simple.

4. Jot down any daily details. Ex) website addresses, telephone numbers, people's names, instructions etc. Anything important you write down in your notebook.5. Number each page at the bottom.

That way you can list specific page numbers with your to do list items and quickly find any idea. You can even create an index of important ideas inside the front cover of your notebook with the page number you can find the idea on.6. Feel free to modify or improve this system to make it work for you.

That's it. It's easy and I use it almost every day. I hope you will as well.


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By: Roger Haeske

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