The Secret of Success

What is the secret to success?.There are many ? one that is often overlooked is the "Strength of Conviction".Strength of Conviction is when you know who you are, what you believe in, what you are good at, and what you stand for. It is when you stay true to these things no matter what situation you are in. Sounds simple but it something many of us struggle to do.? Have you ever been on a date and pretended to be interested in something because you thought it would make you more appealing?.

? Have you ever been in a job interview and changed the way you answered questions about your experience because you thought it would make you seem more suitable to the job?.? Have you ever changed your marketing message at a networking event because you thought that is what the listener wanted to hear?.If you have said "YES" to any of those questions (as I can) then that particular occasion is an example of when you did not apply the strength of your conviction. At that moment you did not believe in your message, in your strength. In that moment you became what you thought someone else wanted rather than being 100% YOU and allowing the other person to make their own mind up.I know that if you act with strength of conviction then you will automatically become more attractive and successful in whatever area of life you apply this.

I know this because I tried it for myself!.For a period 4 weeks I played the game of being 100% committed to the Strength of my Conviction as a coach. I took the time to get really clear about what I stood for and what I wanted and then stuck to it no matter what.

When I went to a networking event I was very clear in what my message is - not everyone in the room will be attracted to that message but that is OK. When a potential client phoned me up I was very clear about what my message is and I did not change it even if I thought the person on the phone was not attracted to it. I did not change anything else about the way I ran my business during that time.

The result of my "game" was that I doubled my monthly income that month and I attracted people 100 % suited to what I want in my business.Needless to say I continued the "game" long after the 4 weeks expired! I had found a secret to success!.So how could this apply to you? What area of your life would you like to become more attractive in and more successful? Take some time to really understand what you stand for in this area, what you believe in. You might need help with this step so don't be afraid to ask for it. Then commit to playing the "game" for 4 weeks - the game where you stand by the strength of your conviction no matter what.

Remember: you can always stop playing the game after 4 weeks if you don't get results so you have nothing to lose!.

.Linda Anderson is a Certified Professional Coach working with Small Business Owners and Professionals in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Linda helps her clients lead bold and successful lives. In 2002 Linda and her partner sold all their belongings, hit "pause" on their respective careers, and spent 365 days traveling the world. Linda brings this passion for challenge, new experiences and adventure to her coaching.

Visit Linda at: would you like to achieve? Receive a free chapter of best selling e-book "Don't Just Dream It . Do It!" http://www.a2acoaching.


By: Linda Anderson

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