What Is Your Handbag Saying About You

It's a funny phenomenon, but handbags are awesome accessories that often become an icebreaker in a new social setting. Purchasing a handbag that has personality or character and taking it with you on a social outing is one sure way to get a conversation going. The conversation may focus around the design of the purse or the material; often conversations will lead to someone asking you where you bought your handbag.

Then one thing leads to another and the initial moment of social awkwardness is gone. Handbags do have a very definite way of making a statement about the women who choose them. They have a way of speaking on their own, giving off a subtle (or not so subtle) message about the personality of the carrier. Purchasing something bold and sassy with buckles, color, clips or snaps is surely a way to express a side of your personality that rings true to you. Perhaps a purchase like this will open up a whole new look for you; people may begin to see you in different light.

Your new image may present you perhaps as someone less conservative and more funky and fun. Purchasing a handbag that is sleek and classic with a statement of elegance and mystery can set the tone of intrigue and enchantment. What an incredible opportunity to invite interested individuals to find out more about the person who carries a handbag that makes such a statement. Handbags are full of fun and self-expression. If you live in a part of the world where the seasons change, it is just fantastic because you have the opportunity to purchase handbags to reflect the change in the weather.

Bright and sassy, bold colors for summer say, "bring on the fun." The carefree spirit that comes with warmer weather, longer days and colorful clothing are just pleading for a handbag accessory to complement the season's outfits. Think of all the handbags that you own and ponder why you bought them. What attracted you to those particular bags? When you think of your favorite handbags, which ones come to mind? When you go out with those handbags, has anyone noticed? I'm sure as you review your personal selection, fond memories will come back to you. Handbags seem to have a way of storing memories for us.

Giving us comfort when we take out old faithful or making us feel special, alive, sexy, smart or alluring when we purchase something new. When I think of my handbags they just seem to be old friends. I say goodbye to very few of them. I revisit them from time to time and add new ones to my life as the need arises.

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