Who is Managing your Life

Take a close look at your life. Who would you say is managing your life, calling all the shots? When you were younger, your parents made both the simple and grand decisions affecting your life. You were OK with this until about the age of 5 when you decided it was time to call the shots. Your parents' goal was to teach you the basics, guide you in the right direction so that you grew up to think and choose for yourself. How did this plan work for you? Looking at where you are in your life now, are you choosing the path of your life or are you allowing others to do it for you? Are you currently in a career that others desperately wanted for you? Are you involved in a relationship that others felt was a 'perfect match' for you? Again, who is managing your life, you or those around you? It is up to you whether you want to live YOUR life or THEIR life. There will come a time when you realize your happiness and fulfillment depend on your stepping up to the plate.

I remember deciding to go into a real estate business with my husband, it sounded fun and rewarding. Once I was involved with the business, and doing fairly successful I must add, I knew deep in my heart this was not a fit for me. I knew crystal clear that this wasn't what I was meant to do, but I swayed back and forth on how to approach my husband. He loved working together and envisioned us creating this successful company together working side by side. I decided to express how I felt, how sorry I was, but I needed to follow my own dreams.

He was saddened but completely supportive of my decision. I could have easily put on a smiley face and created a successful business, but in the inside I would have been drowning in my unhappiness. Nothing is worth that price! Just keep in mind that you are the only person that knows what will make you happy, follow that feeling.

ACTION STEPS FOR THE WEEK:.1. Stop and Look.Just take a minute to stop and really examine your life. Are you living the life of your choosing? If not, what would you change? What are you settling for? How would your life be different if you followed your heart? Is the price of your happiness worth the price of just settling? Journal some of your thoughts this week; what areas of your life need some tweaking?.

2. Communicate, communicate.We sometimes assume that people should know exactly what we are thinking and feeling. Right? How can my husband/friend/parent not know that I am unhappy? Simply put, people don't read minds. You need to communicate what is making you unhappy, what you would like to see changed. Take this opportunity to be honest with yourself and others.

Begin opening the lines of communication this week.3. Dream big.Now that you have taken a moment to write down and discuss some of your feelings, take the next step. If you are unhappy with an area of your life, what would you like instead? Take this week to dream big! If you are in an unfulfilling job, what would your dream job be? If you are in an unsatisfactory relationship, what characteristics exactly are you looking for? Put your dreams into motion.


Leslie Gail is a Certified Life Coach who supports busy people in achieving personal and professional success without compromising their values. Leslie is on a panel of experts for KOSI radio in Denver, publishes articles and hosts a TV segment. Contact Leslie directly at or call 1-866-779-0731 for a FREE coaching consult.

By: Leslie Gail

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