Why Did the French Riots Go On So Long They Torched Cars

Do you ever wonder how an old and wise nation like France can have riots that last for over 2 months, when every night protestors and rioters use Molotov Cocktails thru car windows to torch them? How can a country say they are stable with rioters protesting and rioting for over two months, burning down some buildings and torching all the cars? Well the answer might surprise you.Now I learned from a French Union Auto worker traveling in the United States that they let the riots go on for 2 months hoping they would torch every car in the country, so they would have some work making new ones? Great plan? Too funny for such a wise old country they sure cannot keep peace very well with their peanut galleries, meanwhile didn't they torch some 29,000 cars or something like that?.That has to fill up a few junkyards or scrap yards with iron oxide on the End of Life automobile programs there? But I guess it also gives the recycling centers for all those cars something to do also. Socialism is great isn't it? Destroy the civilization to keep all the little rug rat humans busy rebuilding it.

Kind of reminds me of an ant colony, when you move your foot over the Ant hole opening, they begin immediately fixing it all? Ah ha, so that's how socialism can make a go of it in the twenty-first century. Oh Great plan indeed? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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