Winning and the Human Spirit

You know winning is often considered to be an attitude. And that makes sense, but also consider that winning is very much part of the human spirit and wrapped around intent. If you conviction, commitment and drive are all in sync with your human will, spirit and intent, you sure have a better chance of victory that someone else who is completely out of wack; body, mind and soul.Let me explain what I am driving at. You cannot win if you do not believe you can? You cannot make the competitive top tier in any endeavor unless you commit yourself 110% and you cannot beat the other top contenders until you see and visualize yourself in the heat of the battle driving to the goal line and refusing to stop, surrender or anything to the contrary. Do you have that level of belief in your endeavors? Are you born to win? Have you developed these habits along the way?.

The reason I wish to talk about human spirit is that there indeed is something unique in the human animal which is not often seen in the animal kingdom, oh sure we see glimpses or similarities in other mammals which are at the top of their food chain or of higher order, but the human spirit is the wild card.You know if you will commit right now today to live without limits, I guarantee there is nothing you cannot do. I am living proof and after so many different endeavors I have learned to trust the human spirit with a passion and build upon it. It is something so powerful and lets just say if you want to win you will be glad to have it at your side. Learn it, develop it and trust it.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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