Yoga Brings Relief For Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and feel as though you have need something other than the traditional medical interventions, you may be relieved to know that IBS can be improved from physical and lifestyle changes, in particular?the addition of exercise.Many people have found that adding more exercise to their daily routine help the muscles in their body to relax and that assist suffers of IBS. One of the physical activities that have been considered to be very effective in reducing muscle tension, is yoga.Yoga is used to connect the mind and body. It is mostly known as a movement meditation.

Through the use of breath, as well as certain held poses, Yoga can help to improve several conditions in your body and in your health. In relation to all of the methods yoga is an alternative method that can be used as part of a complete cure for IBS.There are several physical presentations of IBS and yoga has been for many people, effective in relieving many physical elements that are related to IBS. Not only can yoga help many people keep IBS symptoms under control, yoga may also provide relief to many others with IBS symptoms.

The disciplines of stretching, strength, balance, flexibility and workouts all assist sufferers of IBS.When you first start in yoga, you will find that initially yoga will strengthen your heart. While this doesn't directly relate to IBS, it will help you in maintaining balance in your body. Eventually, as you continue with yoga you will find it will positively affect the functioning of the digestive system.

Eventually, as you stick with a regular discipline in yoga many people find an improvement with blood pressure and respiration.One of the major benefits that yoga can help in relation to IBS, is helping to stabilize the digestive system. It will do this through stretching and relaxing the muscles that are part of the digestive system.

The more you are able to do yoga, the more you will have a combination of relief and balance in your body. Through the different movements, your digestive system will begin to relax more.Further, as yoga will also help you concentrate on your breathing, this too will help the nerves to your gut to relax. Eventually, this may also relieve stress to your bowel.Yoga is one of several physical methods that you can use to minimize the problems with IBS. By understanding how yoga works and what it does for your body, you can help to relieve several problems that are related to your IBS.

This, along with considering dietary changes can help to control and improve your IBS conditions.(c) Copyright 2005, Kim Beardsmore.

.Kim Beardsmore M.

B.A., B.

Sc. (Biochemistry) is a writer for the online weight loss, health & fitness magazine Weight Loss Health. For free resources, tips and healthy recipes to help you lose weight and gain energy, visit

By: Kim Beardsmore

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