Your Point of Power

We'd all like to be flying above the storms of life and it's possible, but knowing your Point of Power is the key. There will always be storms, but you can choose to remain on the ground, battling them or you can supersede the natural law of gravity that governs the earthbound by achieving lift and leaving the ground, with its storms, far beneath you.Your personal Point of Power is that point at which you achieve lift and begin the ascent from the ground of your circumstances to that clear blue sky above the clouds. It's different for each of us, this breakthrough point that powers us through the clouds, and it often differs from day to day.

So, how do you know what your Point of Power is? Here are a few clues.It's that point at which you face down your biggest fear. It's that moment at which you decide that fear no longer has the power to paralyze you.

If you have to move forward with fear digging it's talons into your back, you will. That's the Point of Power called courage. That's when you become truly unbeatable.It's the point at which you let go of that ancient grudge. When you begin to see that your lack of forgiveness will poison no one but you, and realize that no matter how wronged you were, the grudge you hold is turning your own heart to stone, then you will soar.It's the point at which you surrender control and begin to trust in what you know to be Truth.

Very few of us actually lack knowledge of the Truth ? we just refuse to live by it, preferring to take what appears to be the easy way. Face the Truth, acknowledge it and then commit to order you life accordingly and you won't be able to keep yourself from rising.It's the point at which you acknowledge and accept your Purpose and Mission and step into it wholeheartedly. When you realize that your life is no accident and you have a reason for being here, a job to do, your point of power becomes your driving passion.It's the point at which you put Goals to your Visions, wings to your dreams. Driven by your vibrant Visions and willing to risk everything in bringing them to pass, you will take to the air above those who are still stuck striving for comfort and ease in life.

It's the point at which you realize that it's not necessary to know it all, learn it all or understand it all before you soar. It's enough to know that the laws of lift work whenever the conditions come together. You don't have to wait to take a commercial flight until you understand completely how it works. It's enough to know that it does.It's the point at which you allow yourself to love freely, giving of yourself with abandon, expecting nothing in return.

And it's the point at which the needs and concerns of others become personal issues for you.It's the point at which you determine to operate in integrity no matter what everyone else is doing or how it looks, the point at which your character achieves clarity.It's the point at which you make a quality decision, no more waffling, and begin to live it, the point at which you examine your motives in light of your Purpose and Mission and are willing to change yourself, and no one else. It's the moment at which you assume responsibility and remove the word BUT from your vocabulary.Achieve lift on your personal life path, in your relationships and in your career. You can rev your engines all you want and you can even begin to move down the runway.

But until you find that point of power, you're going nowhere, and you'll never achieve lift or experience the exhilaration of watching the earth move away beneath you as you point yourself to the endless skies ? no longer earthbound.Your greatest potential is realized at your personal Point of Power. You were designed to soar. If you're feeling earthbound, begin today to determine what's sapping your power and then take the steps necessary to rid yourself of it.

If you're soaring already, experiencing the thrill of operating above the storm, don't forget those still earthbound. You have the secret; don't be stingy. Find someone who's stuck and help them get off the ground!.Consider the following set of simple rules. Live by them; work toward them daily and don't make the mistake of confusing simple with easy.

Points of power are rarely easy, but almost always simple!.5 Simple Rules to Live By:.Live simply.Free your heart from hatred.Free your mind from worries.

Give more.Expect more of yourself and less of others.Call to Action: We'd love to hear from you! What are your Points of Power and how have you experienced lift-off? Email us your experiences in this area. We'd like to encourage other readers with your story. We'll keep it anonymous if you prefer.

But keep in mind that another Point of Power is in sharing the Truths you've learned and experienced for yourself.It's all just commonsense!.Copyright 2006 So-lu'shunz Leadership Services.

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By: Karin Syren

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