Kick Out Illegal Aliens and Congress - In the United States of America we agreed to live under certain laws unfortunately our government does not feel that it is supposed to enforce our laws.

Enhance Your Chance for Summer Romance Dating Advice for Women - Are you entering the summer season single? Imagine a summer filled with light-hearted fun, flirting and meeting many new dating prospects.

Dream Work Reduces Stress - I had a powerful dream this month.

Finding Personal Purpose at Work - Discovering meaning is the business of spirituality, and business needs spirituality more than ever today.

Online Dating Part You Can Profit from These - On-line dating offers the benefits of what it says and much more.

Hypnosis Principles for a maintaining a Successful Relationship - Why is it that so many relationships, which start off with such energy and enthusiasm, seem to lose their glitter just a few weeks down the road? Studies have shown that there are five basic principles, which govern the quality of a relationship in t.

Put Your Relationship to the Test - Any relationship between two people changes as a couple's feelings for each other develop over a period of time, and as these feelings change with life's ups and downs.

Karma versus Meditation - The Karma lives with us, the karma is part of our lives from the very moment of our birth to the moment of our death, because every time that we do something and even every time that we stop doing something, that generates karma, and you cannot avoid.

Recognizing the Divine Nature of Yourself - Recognizing the divine nature of yourself doesn?t mean that you are a perfect being and that you will never make mistakes and that you are not allowed.

Written in Water - "But I said, `I have labored to no purpose; I have spent my strength in vain and for nothing.

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