Are You Organised To Manage The Different Generations In Your Business - Having the time to effectively manage your people is crucial to the success of your business.

Comets Fragments Asteroids and Meteors Who Can You Trust - Perhaps you have heard that the Schwassmann Wachmann Comet 73P has been breaking up and pieces of the Comet have been whizzing by since about May 12 with some lagging fragments also cruising through the area.

Step To An Ideal Relationship Be Courageous In Your Communications - In "Ten Steps To An Ideal Relationship" I note that Step 6 is about being courageous in all your communications.

How Stress Affects your Health - In our high-powered world of technology we find our lives going at such a rapid pace that things seem to be spinning out of control.

Washington DC Federal Agencies Totally Flooded - Well it appears that piss poor planning and performance is once again costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Dating Tip Top Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Date With Her - So you finally succeeded in getting that first date with your potential honey.

Vending Machines - According to the European Vending Association (www.

Illegal Immigration How You Can Make a Difference in Your City - Illegal Aliens and the signs of illegal immigration are everywhere in our nation, but until you do something about, well do not expect anything to change? Ah ha do not want the responsibility I see? But if you do not do something about it who will.

More Firsts For AfricanAmerican Women - Phillis Peters Wheatley was not only the first African-American woman author, but was also the first African-American person to write a book that was published in America.

Visualize to Succeed - Success means different thing to different people.

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