Politically Correct Terms Go In and Out of Style - Have you ever noticed when dealing with minority groups or human groupings or various categories that the names people wish to be called keep changing.

The Secret Language Of Influence - People talk to each other every day.

Dome Shaped Hurricane Relief Center - Dome shaped Hurricane Relief Centers should be build over large box stores like Home Depot and Lowes says one online think tank member.

Relationship Quiz Are You Angry At Your Partner - Anger is the natural reaction of helplessness and frustration.

How To Prepare When Meeting HisHer Parents - Yes, meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend?s parents is like studying for a final exam.

Why Did the French Riots Go On So Long They Torched Cars - Do you ever wonder how an old and wise nation like France can have riots that last for over 2 months, when every night protestors and rioters use Molotov Cocktails thru car windows to torch them? How can a country say they are stable with rioters.

The Discipline of the Cross - "I have been crucified with Christ: and I myself no longer live, but Christ lives in me .

Personality Do You Test Your Limits - Are you a normal person or you normally test your limits? Let me explain what I am saying.

Buddhism is not Socialism - The information has reached its ?control age?, but religion?s crucial roles in the field of humanity are still prevailing.

Why People Fail Part I - Have you ever worked on a project that didn?t end up the way you intended? Maybe it was something as simple as sprucing up the garden.

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